Center for Research and Development

About CReDeVision and MissionSpecific Objectives

About CReDe

The Center for Research and Development (CReDe) of the Central Luzon College of Science and Technology with the ultimate objective of developing a research culture in the College, the CReDe hopes to create research teams and inter-collegiate research committees to formulate research agenda for each of the Colleges of the Institution, develop or enhance the research capabilities of faculty members and non-teaching personnel, to identify and develop faculty members capable of doing statistical treatment of data for research, to come up with research proposals and research outputs per college which would eventually be published in the CELTECH Research Journal and to provide a venue for presentation of the research outputs in both oral and written form.

As of writing, the participants have formulated research agenda for the institution and for each department which include among others, Tracer Study of Graduates, Evaluation of OJT Programs, Satisfaction Levels of Employees, Satisfaction Levels of the Students on the Student Services and Baseline Study of Working Street children.

Prior to this, the CReDe published the first Policies, Procedures and Operations Manual for Research which would serve as the guide of the faculty and student researchers as regards institutional standards in the conduct of research.

Vision and Mission

Research in the College shall generally support and enhance instruction and community extension services. As such it aims to:

  • Provide policy direction in research consistent with the provisions of the Medium Term Development Plan (2010 – 2015) Ten Point Agenda Goal No.7 of the College;
  • Develop an institutional research role and help build a culture of research that is conducive, supportive, constructive and motivating;
  • Assist the institution in meeting its research requirements, and in developing and extending the professional competence and experience of the college faculty and students;
  • Improve the quality of research outputs especially addressing the impact of research on policy and development, in the dissemination and utilization of research findings by business and industry and ultimately improving the quality of life of the community.

Thus, the Center for Research and Development (CReDe) of CELTECH College envisions to be at the forefront in research in the City of Olongapo and the Province of Zambales.

To help this mission, the Center for Research and Development shall:

  1. Promote and nurture a culture of genuine intellectual inquiry and academic integrity;

    • Rapidly disseminate research and intellectual output to a wider audience;
    • Recommend and implement means to improve faculty research productivity;
    • Assists faculty in the protection of their intellectual property rights;
    • Promote faculty cooperation in multi-disciplinary studies;
  2. Serves as a clearinghouse for information related to faculty research activities.

    • Establish linkages with NGOs and NGAs for research needs.

Specific Objectives

  • To conduct institutional, social and academic research projects that are geared towards the attainment of the vision, mission and goals of the College;
  • To provide the necessary guidance, assistance and technical knowhow in the conduct and completion of approved research proposals and projects for faculty and students;
  • To build capabilities in conducting research among the faculty members;
  • To create and train a faculty pool of reviewers / examiners for students’ research outputs;
  • To come out with a research journal at least once a year;
  • To provide the research requirement needs of the College for the accreditation of its programs and development plans;
  • Provide accurate and timely information to support data based decision making by senior administrators;
  • Provide services in terms of research capability building and research needs in the local and national community.